? It can be super DUPER easy to find a reason to be offended with someone. Any day, any time, there are ample opportunities available for us to soak up. That’s unfortunate because it has us walking around all mad and frustrated and irritated at people unnecessarily.

? Now, hear me out on this, because I am fully aware (and have experienced first hand) that there ARE times where people really do act like fools, and their decisions have an impact on us that’s less than desirable.

? BUT, take a moment and *really* think about this before reacting and lashing out at someone. Are you *actually* mad at THAT person, OR are you mad about something they remind you of?

✅For instance, perhaps you had a really upsetting experience in life that never properly was addressed and healed, so now it’s triggered regularly by all sorts of people and situations, and you find yourself flying off the handle at people who didn’t actually hurt you.
✅Maybe you were neglected or abused by someone, and because of that, anytime you hear that name, or see someone who reminds you of them in any way, you’re immediately sent into a trauma response where your walls shoot straight up, you get feisty and snippy, your heart rate increases, and emotions seem to come out of nowhere.
✅Or, for you, it might be that you’ve had a lot of little irritations happening for a long time, and they’ve been going unaddressed, until one day you are hit with the straw that broke the camel’s back, and you absolutely snap!

?Do any of those sound familiar? Friend, can I invite you to get help processing through these very real pains? If you don’t, you’re going to continue to bleed on people who didn’t cut you and drive people (who actually care about you) out of your life.

❌Don’t let pride get in the way.
❌Don’t let stubbornness get in the way.
❌Don’t let ego get in the way.
❌Don’t let arrogance get in the way.
❌Don’t let bad habits get in the way.
❌Don’t let the lie of “that’s just how it is” get in the way.
❌Don’t let anything get in the way of your healing.

?It’s not too late. And you’re worth it! Repairing damaged relationships is worth it. It may take time, and it will take humility. But it’s possible!