Dear Husband,

There is going to be so much of my life that you’ll only ever know about through stories.

So many experiences I’ll only be able to relay to you via words, because we weren’t together when it happened.

And same for you. We’re both living it now, building with God, but even this current season will be re-told via stories, since we’re not in each other’s lives.

I can’t wait to hear about your life – from you, from your friends, from your family, from your colleagues, and maybe even from the local café barista who’s gotten to enjoy your generous tips through the years as you’ve patroned their little spot.

It’s going to be so sweet to hear about the mischief you got up to as a kid, and it’s going to be so heartwarming to hear about the impact you’ve had on the lives of those around you.

And, after the fact, I’m admittedly excited to hear about the moment when your friends realized I was “the one” for you ?

My heart aches when I think about the fact that you never knew my Granny Annie, or my sweet Cashmere, and that you never got to visit my family at the home I grew up in.

I know it’s all in God’s perfect timing, but that stings. There’s a lot to look forward to, and I don’t spend much time on the disappointment, but it’s there and it’s real.

I’m thankful you never knew me when I was living in the depths of depression. At the same time I wish you did, so you could have an accurate gauge of just how far God’s brought me!

There are parts of me you’ll never know because the healing is so complete. You’ll be in disbelief when I share how I used to be (and you’ll be thanking God with me that I’m not that woman any longer)!

And there are parts of me I’ve never even known because it is only YOU who will be able to activate (or aggravate ?) them! #IronSharpensIron

I can’t wait* to learn about one another, together.

I can’t wait* to write our future, together.

I can’t wait* to have a new perspective on our respective pasts, by exploring them, together.

I can’t wait* to compare notes, together, and see how our lives were overlapping and intertwining in ways we had no idea about in the moment.

I can’t wait* to meet you and start our life as one, together.

And I can’t wait* to give you your shirt ?

*I mean, I CAN wait. And I AM waiting. But I’m ready to be done waiting.

? XO