??? Show up AF ???

“As a friend” guys ? show up AS A FRIEND.

When your friends are celebrating something, or trying to get the word out about something, or asking for prayer for something, or attempting a new thing, SHOW UP for them!

?When your friend is having a sample sale at their boutique, SHOW UP.
?When your friend is launching a new product / program, SHOW UP.
?When your friend is going through a tough time, SHOW UP.
?When your friend is trying a scary, new thing, SHOW UP.
?When your friend is at a crossroads and not sure which way to go, SHOW UP.
?When your friend is hosting an online event, SHOW UP.

SHOW UP. It matters. Immensely.

If you’ve ever done any of these things, and you’ve had people *not show*, you especially know how meaningful it is to have a friend show up.

?Even if you’re not at a spot to buy something, you can still be there as moral support
?Even if you don’t think you really have an audience to share their online post with, share it anyway – it makes more of a difference than you know (both literally with the algorithm, and emotionally in support of your friend)
?Even if you can’t make it physically to their event, send them a text of encouragement day of

This is a shout out to all of my friends who SHOW UP in my life.

✅When I’ve reached out for prayers
✅When I’ve hosted Girls Giving
✅When I’ve launched a program online
✅When I’ve needed encouragement
✅When I’ve tried something new
✅When I’ve released a new book
✅When I’ve held my weekly Growth and Grace show
✅When I’ve been walking through hard times

My friends SHOW UP and I’m grateful, and I’d like to think I do that for them, too!

Today, I’m doing a shout out to my girl, Joanna, who’s hosting a sample sale at her shop! I got to SHOW UP for her and am now reppin’ with this cute new outfit she blessed me with!