👏👏👏 Show up AF 👏👏👏

“As a friend” guys 😉 show up AS A FRIEND.

When your friends are celebrating something, or trying to get the word out about something, or asking for prayer for something, or attempting a new thing, SHOW UP for them!

🤩When your friend is having a sample sale at their boutique, SHOW UP.
🤩When your friend is launching a new product / program, SHOW UP.
🤩When your friend is going through a tough time, SHOW UP.
🤩When your friend is trying a scary, new thing, SHOW UP.
🤩When your friend is at a crossroads and not sure which way to go, SHOW UP.
🤩When your friend is hosting an online event, SHOW UP.

SHOW UP. It matters. Immensely.

If you’ve ever done any of these things, and you’ve had people *not show*, you especially know how meaningful it is to have a friend show up.

💎Even if you’re not at a spot to buy something, you can still be there as moral support
💎Even if you don’t think you really have an audience to share their online post with, share it anyway – it makes more of a difference than you know (both literally with the algorithm, and emotionally in support of your friend)
💎Even if you can’t make it physically to their event, send them a text of encouragement day of

This is a shout out to all of my friends who SHOW UP in my life.

✅When I’ve reached out for prayers
✅When I’ve hosted Girls Giving
✅When I’ve launched a program online
✅When I’ve needed encouragement
✅When I’ve tried something new
✅When I’ve released a new book
✅When I’ve held my weekly Growth and Grace show
✅When I’ve been walking through hard times

My friends SHOW UP and I’m grateful, and I’d like to think I do that for them, too!

Today, I’m doing a shout out to my girl, Joanna, who’s hosting a sample sale at her shop! I got to SHOW UP for her and am now reppin’ with this cute new outfit she blessed me with!