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Art Docent Era

Usually I post substance ? But today? Today I post because I am obsessing over this oversized button-down look … and the color of it ? Apparently I’m in my ? art docent era ? Who else is vibin’ with the #oversizedshirt and #messybun Sunday?! …


Where my fashion girls at?

More and more lately I’ve been honest with myself about how much I enjoy fashion! I’ve always enjoyed it (hello, barbies!) and while I had my years of awkwardness and not knowing how to dress for my body  it’s been fun to rediscover that joy!.When people …


Want more to be grateful for?

Living in perpetual summer is quite possibly one of my favorites ☀.Sunshine, sleeveless shirts, coral pants, and perfect temperatures are just a few of the benefits of America’s Finest City ?.Not to mention the best church in the world, the huge population of dogs, and …


Celebrating in sadness

Feeling very #SPRING in this outfit on this May Day ???.Loved getting to celebrate a beautiful bride-to-be today…and also gave myself the grace to be gentle when I felt some sadness coming on ? goodness knows that even though I’m thoroughly loving my life, I’m also excited …


Show up for Life

? I get questionable looks from all of my sweats-plad girlfriends when I show up at 6:45am, fully dressed for the day + hair done + makeup on. I hear “Do you always look this put together?”.⛔ The answer is “No!! I definitely don’t…but it …


Reality vs. Reality

Before, during, and after a #fancy #blacktie event last night. Let’s be honest – I can get dolled up …. and, I’m also likely feeling the picture on the right internally……….**Hair and makeup by the stunning @shereetrask **Dress from @renttherunway…..Fundraiser for the #sexsells documentary.